At Grady’s Strata & Facilities, we always look for ways to reduce costs while maintaining the same high level of service.

When the owners of a Canberra residential complex faced high power bills, Grady’s investigated ways to cut costs without reducing power usage.

The fix was surprisingly simple.

Grady’s engaged an energy broker to approach the market, seeking more competitive pricing. This resulted in electricity savings of $30k per year!

In that same building Grady’s also discovered that energy usage was especially high during the day, providing a perfect opportunity to use solar panels.

Grady’s approached several solar panel providers seeking quotes and recommendations. We assessed each response taking into account panel quality, inverter warranties, analytics available and cost. The panels paid for themselves, with an exceptional pay-back period of only 3 years.

Grady’s has used this approach with other Canberra complexes, achieving similar positive results.

This shows there are more ways to save energy costs than just by reducing consumption. Cheaper energy rates are out there–you’ve just got to know where to look and what to look for.

We recommend you negotiate with your current provider or go to the market. You should do some homework first to determine roughly how much you could save so you’re in a better negotiating position.

Have you looked at your energy rates lately? Consider seeking out better energy deals. It worked for Grady’s. You could also look at solar options as the pay-back period might surprise you.

Talk to a Grady’s strata specialist today to see how you could save costs for your complex.