When unit owners of a mixed-use residential complex in Canberra complained about excessive noise in the pool area, the strata manager uncovered systemic security issues in the building’s entrances.

After investigating the source of the noise, the strata manager, Grady Strata & Facilities, discovered many non-tenants regularly used the building’s pool without permission.

To fix this issue,Grady’s devised a solution that involved increased security and improved infrastructure around the pool area.

Firstly, they identified how non-tenants were able to access the pool area. When they assessed that people were climbing over the fence, they erected a higher and stronger pool fence.

Secondly, they replaced the old key-and-lock security system with an electronic swipe card. The swipe card ensured only current tenants were able to access authorised areas. As well, the electronic swipe card gave the executive committee greater control and online oversight into who had access to the building.

The noise issue was resolved and the building was made significantly more secure. And, because Grady’s building managers did most of the manual work themselves, there was very little cost to the body corporate.

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