Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Grady Strata & Facilities.

Grady Strata & Facilities (Grady) is a locally owned, highly experienced team of property professionals.

We provide comprehensive strata, facilities and building management services for Canberra’s body corporates and their Executive Committees.

Our unique service model makes property management simple and convenient for the Executive Committee and body corporate members.

We offer a comprehensive, one-stop service for facilities, strata and on-site building management. This means you only need to deal with one person and we’ll sort out the rest—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our strata and facilities management services include:

  • comprehensive financials (available to your property’s Executive Committee online)
  • expert budget planing (short and long term)
  • detailed maintenance schedules
  • regular reporting and communication with the Executive Committee
  • in-house accounts team

Yes. The Grady emergency response line (02 6251 1214) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all building emergencies. We’ll handle building emergencies as quickly as possible to ensure the ongoing safety of your building’s occupants.

Dealing with us is simple and convenient.

Our Strata Manager is the single contact point for the Executive Committee and body corporate members.

The Strata Manager liaises and coordinates activities with the facilities manager and on-site building manager. The facilities manager and building manager then report back to the Strata Manager who keeps you up to date on all building activities.

This means you only ever need to deal with one person (the Facilities Manager) for all property issues.

We work closely with the Executive Committee to protect and improve the building using a value-for-money approach. We get value for money by obtaining various quotes for work, achieving economies of scale (greater buying power) and working with reliable proven contractors.

We understand that each Executive Committee has different skills, personalities and expectations. We tailor our services and approach to meet these differences.

Our general management philosophy is that the Executive Committee acts as a company board and we work to provide the board with items for approval and review based on our recommendations and reports.

Simply contact us any time and we’ll send a Grady strata specialist to assess your property and discuss your needs.

Based on our discussions and assessment, we’ll then provide you a comprehensive proposal including detailed quote for the Executive Committee to consider.

We’re also more than happy to present our proposal to the Executive Committee and answer any questions they might have about our approach.

You can contact us by phone on 02 6251 1214 or email

When we’re appointed, we take the time to get a thorough understanding of the goals and objectives of the Executive Committee. We use this time to work out how we can best work together, in partnership, to achieve these key priorities.

As soon as we start working for you, we undertake a comprehensive review of each complex. We review:

  • all documents provided by the outgoing manager
  • all service contracts relating to the complex such as:
    • cleaning
    • gardening
    • electricity
    • fire services
    • mechanical services
    • hydraulic services.

As part of this review, we’ll examine the current scope of every contract and meet with each contractor.

We do this review to ensure your property is getting the best value for money. We look to see where improvements can be made, whether there’s a better way to do things and if there’s value in re-tendering the contracts.

At the end of the review, we’ll present our findings to the Executive Committee along with our recommendations. The presentation will include a contract register with the list of current contracts, costs of each contract, expiry/critical dates and scope of service provided by each contractor.

We provide comprehensive strata, facilities and building management services for residential and mixed-residential complexes.

See our services page

All of our building managers have extensive experience and skills in property-related fields.

In fact, before joining the Grady’s team, our Building Managers worked in a wide range of property jobs, including:

  • carpentry
  • landscape gardening
  • cleaning
  • electrical
  • maintenance
  • mechanics
  • security.

This means we have the combined practical expertise to manage all types of buildings and facilities. When you sign with Grady’s, you have access to all our building managers’ advice and expertise, as well as the on-site Building Manager’s.